Posted on: December 1, 2008 9:56 pm

Claude or Talent

a little bit of both maybe. Who inspires the talent, im going to guess the big man behind the bench. Mr. Claude Julien. He has taken a very sorry team and turned them into stanley cup contenders by the looks of it.

Lets face it. 2 years when Mr. Hitler look-a-like was canned when went for Julien and the jacobs brothers made the right choice. He has carried us form obscurity to front page on and CBS.Sportsline. teaching a collapsing defense that leaves the shot from outside the face-off dots and gives our goalies time to locate and react.

Credit, when credit is due. Thomas and Fernandez deserve every ounce of praise they get and more. they keep us in the games and are creating transition more and more by directing rebounds and creating momentum swings.

Back to the matter at hand. We have talent, plenty of it. Kessel man on fire now. Krecji I mean common how high is his Hockey IQ. Savard enough said. Ward, how many blocked shots is it now. Lucic, forces passes and takes the body creating havoc. Ryder, best offseason acquisition in a long time. He creates his own space uncorks anything and everything and its catching on. Can go on and on but i wont.

To the question at the top. Why are we winning and destroying the teams we pass. I want to give the credit to claude julien. These very young kids have talent and he is giving the opportunity to show it. It comes down to the defense in my opinion. blocked shots, sticks in passing lanes, aggression and intelligence. Claude Julien teaches these things and gives our favorites the know how and plays to utilize them.

Thank You Claude Julien. You are saving hockey in Boston.

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